a) Roads

The system of regional and local roads is well developed. Several major transit axes run through the voivodeship. The second of the Pan-European Transport Corridors, the A-2, runs from west to east (Berlin – Warsaw), and a north-south route runs from Scandinavia, via Szczecin, Gorzów and Zielona Góra, to Prague, with a branch leading off to Wrocław. The third Pan-European Transport Corridor, from Dresden and Berlin via Olszyna, to Ukraine, runs through the southern part of the voivodeship.

c) Rail communications

The extended railway infrastructure consists of 1,234 km of track. The Warsaw-Berlin, Wrocław-Szczecin and Poznań - Świnoujście rail corridors all run through the voivodeship.

b) Zielona Góra/Babimost Airport

The Zielona Góra passenger airport is situated in Babimost. With communication links to the European North-South and East-West routes, it lies a bare 160 km from Berlin. Owing to its advantageous geographical location, future plans include its development as a European cargo airport.


d) Rivers

Two stretches of the Odra Waterway run through Lubuskie Land, encompassing the stretch of the Odra River running from the south of Poland to the mouth of the Nysa Łużycka, and the stretch running onward from there to the mouth of the Warta River. The latter stretch is particularly important, given that it includes the Odra-Szprewa/OderSpree Canal, which forms a link between Silesia and Berlin.

The following ports and river stations are located in the voivodship: Cigacice, Nowa Sól, Krosno Odrzańskie, Urad, Słubice and Kostrzyn.

Construction work on the Lubuskie Port Complex is currently in progress. The project involves the upgrading and construction of ports in Nowa Sól, Bytom Odrzański and Krosno Odrzańskie. This modern infrastructure will give countless water tourism enthusiasts access to the natural assets of Lubuskie.