The Lubuskie Voivodeship - Location


The Lubuskie Voivodeship shares its borders with Brandenburg and Saxony along the Odra and Nysa Łużycka rivers to the west, with the Lower Silesian Voivodeship to the south, with the Wielkopolskie Voivodeship to the east and, to the north, with the Western Pomeranian Voivodeship.

a)       The voivodeship's capital cities are:

Gorzów – the seat of the Voivode of Lubuskie, the representative of central government

Zielona Góra – the seat of the Chief Executive and the Regional Assembly of the Lubuskie Voivodeship

b)       Area: 13,987.88 km2 (4.5% of Poland's territory)

c)       Number of inhabitants: 1 010 705 (2.6% of the Polish population)

d)       Population density: 72 inhabitants per km2

e)       Percentage of urban population – 63.9%

f)        Districts: 12 rural, 2 municipal and 83 communes




Both capitals of Lubuskie are situated around 460 km from Warsaw, the capital of Poland and 190 km from Germany's capital, Berlin.