Statue of Christ the King in Świebodzin and Religious Tourism

The largest statue of Christ in the world with open arms directed towards the city situated in the central part of the province. The statute of Christ the King in Świebodzin is 36 meters tall. The embankment is sixteen and half meters tall, the statute - thirty three meters, the crown - three meters. It is the most recognizable tourist destination of the Lubuskie province in the world.

The statute refers to the famous monument of Christ in Rio de Janeiro and is one of the four pillars of the Sacrum Zone.

50 kilometres south of Gorzów, 50 km north of Zielona Góra, just 20 km from one another, three most important sacral places in the region are situated. Rokitno, known as the spiritual capital of the region, Gościkowo-Paradyż serving as a seminar of the spiritual post-Cistercian abbey and Święty Wojciech - the place of the death of the first Polish martyrs (1003). 

It is difficult to determine unequivocally the order of importance of these sites. It appears that the most important is the half-timbered church from 1768 in the town Święty Wojciech. It is likely that this is where Bolesław the Great established the first Benedictine hermitage (1001). This town is situated only one and a half kilometre from Międzyrzecze. It is worth going for a walk there after seeing the original collection of coffin portraits in the Regional Museum. The promenade along Obra River leads to the medieval castle situated in the confluence of two rivers (the other one is Paklica).

Driving from Międzyrzecze to Rokitno, in the Kalsko village, you pass a well-preserved half-timbered church, and past the village - a roadside Marian statue. The Shrine of Our Lady in Rokitno was elevated to the rank of a basilica by John Paul II. It is best to go there on a regular day. The guaranteed silence, peace and the possibility of free contemplation not only in the charming baroque interior of the basilica but mainly in the adjacent gardens.

The way to view the majesty of the post-Cistercial abbey in Gościkowo-Paradyż is from the western side, walking along the railway embankment from the Boryszyn village. For several years, the early music festival "Muzyka w Raju" (Music in Paradise) has been held here, and its director ensures that "The land of Lubuskie has got a very important property, without which the early music would make no sense today. Here, you can still find silence, the silence of the past. The silence in which a sound acquires a different, less prosaic sense."