National and landscape parks

The greatest value of the Lubuskie Province is the possibility to practise active tourism in its many forms, ranging from Nordic Walking, through canoeing, equestrian, extreme, sailing, cycling, pilgrimage, diving tourism... but also military, religious or hunting tourism. The richness of its history, places worth visiting and the diversity of the landscape will delight anyone who decides to get to know them.

National and landscape parks on the online map 


   National Park of the Warta River Estuary

Going along the national road from Kostrzyn at the Oder towards Skwierzyn, we pass on the left the largest river estuary in Poland. This is Warta River supplying the Oder with its waters. In the thaw period it looks like a sea, with the difference that the depth of its waters is uniform. Even from the observation tower, which is available for tourists, you cannot see the other bank. The large space of flooded polders inspires respect.

Several thousand hectares flat as a table, where the water flows between meadows, gather hundreds of thousands of birds in the migration period.  Rarity in Europe. To the north of Słońsk, you can penetrate deep into this water-soaked land and observe at close range, and above all listen to, the world of water birds.

Villages bordering the backwaters are located as if at the end of the world. You cannot go any further. There is almost no traffic on the roads that connect them, and these are perfect conditions for enthusiasts of roller skates and bicycles. It is advisable to carry a camera and a voice recorder of good quality.

   Muskau Park

The charming character of the Muskau Park makes it a real mecca for poets and photographers. Multi-colour, diversity, uniqueness, almost fairy-tale landscapes, nature in its purest form with architecture subtly woven into it, are components which contribute to the fact that you can take photos incessantly. 

However, it is an attractive area not only in objective terms. Paths meandering in the dusky cotyledons, a veil of mystery hovering over them, looking in through the mists of the morning dew, which nearly two hundred years ago were admired by Lucie von Pappenheim, the wife of the founder of the park, Prince Ludwig Hermann von Püclker-Muskau. Its light and heart, which she tied with Muskau, is still shining here, is still overflowing. Poets, those sailors of the word, longing for a romantic breeze of inspiration, will find here everything they need. A perfect site for poetic reveries (workshops), open air photography and painting workshops, and especially family spending free leisure time at weekends.


National and Landscape parks: 

National Park of the Warta River Estuary

Chyrzyno 1
69-113 Górzyca
tel.: 95/ 752 40 27
fax: 95/ 752 40 16

Drawieński National Park

ul. Leśników 2
73-220 Drawno
tel.: 95/ 768 20 51
fax: 95/ 768 25 10

Barlinecko-Gorzowski Landscape Park

Lubociesz (Lipy) nr 7
66-415 Kłodawa
tel.: 95/ 731 02 50
fax: 95/727 66 18

Gryżyński Landscape Park

Zawisze 1
66-213 Skąpe
tel.: 68/ 381 21 99
fax: 68/ 381 21 99

Krzesiński Landscape Park

Kłopot 24
69-108 Cybinka
tel.: 68/ 391 29 35
fax: 68/ 391 29 35

Landscape Park of the Warta River Estuary

Lubociesz (Lipy) nr 7
66-415 Kłodawa
tel.: 95/ 731 02 50
fax: 95/ 727 66 18       

Landscape Park „Łuk Mużakowa”

ul. Żarska 52
68-212 Trzebiel
tel.: 68/ 362 41 35
fax: 68/ 362 41 35

Pszczewski Landscape Park

ul. Szarzecka 14
66-330 Pszczew
tel.: 95/ 749 12 99
fax: 95/ 749 12 99

Łagowsko-Sulęciński Landscape Park

Zawisze 1
66-213 Skąpe
tel.: 68/ 381 21 99
fax: 68/ 381 21 99

Krajowy Geopark Łuk Mużakowa

Stowarzyszenie Geopark Łuk Mużakowa
ul. Wojska Polskiego 2/1
68-208 Łęknica
tel.: 68/ 375 34 75