Water lilies and the order of Saint John

The surroundings of Łagów are the most beautiful lake complex in the region. Water reservoirs connected with a post-glacial channel: Trześniowski (the deepest in the province 58.8 m) and Łagowski, are the attributes of the attractiveness of Łagów. The town is dominated by the castle tower of Saint John's order, which may be admired while sailing across the lakes; whereas lakes may be admired from the crown of the castle tower. Steep slopes provide this part with extreme privacy, and beech forests give it a picturesque, especially in autumn, landscape.

A few kilometres to the east, before the knights of of the order of Saint John and Knights Templar came to these lands, Lubrzana lived here who was bewitched in a flower of a water lily by the witch Wierzbicha. The spell was taken off by her beloved Sławoj who spoke the name of Lubrzana out loud. For a few years, to commemorate the events that happened ages ago, the love story has been staged on the waters of the Goszcz lake.