Water world

During its retreat long long time ago, the glacier left behind, as a gift, a countless number of lakes and water holes. Summer paradise for tourists and year-round paradise for fishermen. For summer holiday, for a weekend, for Saturday and even after work on a working day, residents of Lubuskie Province go to the waterside. Each mini-region has its own reservoir. The most famous include: Niesulice, Lubniewice, Pszczew, Łagów, Dąbie, Ośno Lubuskie, Długie, Lubrza, Głębokie and Łochowice. If you prefer less busy places at the lake, you will certainly find one.

This lake landscape is supplemented with rivers. Since, actually, the Lubuskie Province is composed of forest areas in the Oder River basin; Noteć and Obra rivers flowing into Warta River, and in the south, supplying with their waters the second longest river in Poland - Nysa Łużycka and the Bóbr River. As regards the Bóbr River, it is worth mentioning the artificial water reservoirs created for power energy purposes (Krzywaniec, Dychów and Raduszec Stary), in the north of the region - the Bledzewskie Lake on the Obra River.

The above mentioned rivers, supplemented with smaller watercourses, provide absolute freedom for canoeists and rowers.